My Body Muse: Erin Motz!!

It's Museday! Meet Erin. 

Welcome to this weeks feature. My Body Muse is a weekly series where we talk to people about their bodies and the weird/beautiful/messy/awesome/crazy-making narratives we build around them. Shoot us a note at if you’d like to be featured.

1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself? What you do? Where you're from?

I'm the co-founder of Bad Yogi, a yoga and lifestyle brand out to redefine yoga culture. We have yoga classes, clothing and a blog, and everything we do is to show people that yoga is for everybody and every BODY, and break the typical yogi stereotype; you're welcome here whether you're a kale-loving vegan or a prize-winning deer hunter. I'm originally from Florida but I live in France right now in Nice!

2) Can you tell us a bit about what you love about your body?

I love that it's healthy and allows me to work and pursue everything I want, whether that's something intangible like learning a language, or something very measurable like doing handstands! I love that it communicates quickly and strongly about whether it loves or hates something I'm doing to it, too.

3) Have you ever felt inadequate in your body? Do you feel comfortable sharing that story with us?

OMG YES! I still feel this way sometimes, but I've struggled with feeling too small. I used to have an image in my head of what a "real" woman looked like and that was nothing like me. Especially in more recent times when the "real women have curves" messaging started to catch on, and that made me feel even worse, like, someone made me wrong because I'm a woman but far from curvy! Isn't it insane how our brains can spin any tale it wants to make it feel like crap? Logically, of course, I knew that this was ridiculous, but I think we've all had some kind of "grass is greener" moments with our self image. I think that any exclusive messaging can be harmful, and instead, the only message out there should be that ALL bodies are beautiful and interesting and capable, whether they're curvy or straight or heavy or light or tan or porcelain.

4) If your body were you friend, how would you describe it?

Elegant, graceful, fit, and pretty badass.

5) Fill in the blank:

My body does__everything I ask of it___

My body does not like __extreme heat or cold!___

My body's theme song is__basically anything by Beyonce, haha!___

6) Do you have a favorite affirmation?

I am cultivating a loving relationship with my body


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